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At Voyage Financial, we believe that life begins when money is removed as a source of motivation or fear.

Life isn’t about superannuation, it’s got nothing to do with mortgages, and it certainly shouldn’t be about negative gearing. Life is about what you make of it. It’s the experiences that you create and the people you meet along the way that count most.

That’s why at Voyage Financial, our Financial Planning Service works differently to most other Planners. We want to be able to educate a client about their finances, to teach and structure their finances in a way that removes bad habits. We always ensure our advice is simple to understand, we’re not in the business of confusing clients with complex strategies. We are in the business of helping clients achieve the outcomes that matter to them.

Our Advice Framework

Our advice is provided using a carefully constructed Advice Framework. This means that we don’t rush to sell financial products. Rather, we work through your Financial Foundations to ensure that when the time comes to start looking at investments, superannuation or buying your first home, you know that you are in a safe and secure position to do so. Of course, when that time is right, we will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you make the best of each opportunity.

Our Fees

Our fee structure is something that we are really proud of. We don’t hide behind the fees that we charge because we know the value we offer our clients. We offer a Fee for Service model, with no hidden fees around the corner, and we don’t take any fees or commissions from your investments, ever.

Our success as a Financial Services business is driven by our clients success. You deal with the owners of the business and not someone who’s trying to meet sales targets. We feel thats important.
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A Few of Our Clients
Dane Wearn [video]
Colleen and James Carolin
Eli and Jenn Lawson [video]
Nadine and Richard Chilton
Cam hayes [video]
Kris Sosnowski and Mike Fewings
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