For Medical Professionals:
Without Risking It & Without Any Change To Their Lifestyle

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Want Our Team To Personally Build You A Bespoke Investment Plan That Delivers You $200,000 To $1,000,000+ In Additional Wealth?
A Professional Financial Services Firm That Will Put Your

Dear Medical Professional,

Would it surprise you to learn that adding creating wealth ($200,000 to $1,000,000 or more) is actually not difficult – and something you probably wouldn’t even notice us doing?


Of course you are.

How can we make such a claim?



We’ve got hundreds of medical professionals as clients, and one thing they ALL have in common…

We could find money or income they didn’t even realise they had, invest it in simple, easy to understand opportunities & return to them significantly more than they would have had in 20 years.


And 8 weeks (or less) is all it takes to identify and implement those strategies.


You see, most people think (or want you to believe) that growing wealth is difficult – requiring complex strategy & savant-level maths skills. 

Here’s the truth…

Medical professionals don’t NEED to try and ‘shoot the lights out’ to get what they want. 

You don’t need to be risky. 

You just need a clear understanding of what you want, an understanding of the types of investments that will get you there, and the oversight to see it through.

And helping medical professionals understand what they ACTUALLY want, plotting a course to get there and then overseeing it is what we help clients do every day.


Clients like Dr Talia Sheppherd, who we helped eliminate personal debt, start investing and fast-track her and her husband’s wealth creation.


It’s the same model that high net worth and professional investors use to analyse real estate investment…

…A model that is basically unknown outside the “Professional Investor” crowd – 

And completely unknown amongst medical professionals who’ve spent their lives since high school completely and totally focused on their careers and patients. 

It’s a model that allows you 

I just want to pay money and have you find a property, without having to do anything myself. Can you do that?

Absolutely! After understanding your goals, financial situation and objectives we can proceed with finding a property and handling all aspects of the investment.

What happens if I don't find a property?

Our goal is to keep working with you until you do.


If you’re on the fence about purchasing at all though, this program is not for you.


If you’re unsure whether it’s the right decision, submit an application and we can discuss your options.

Do you do commercial?

Yes we can assist with commercial properties!


We typically don’t recommend this as a first investment purchase though.

I'm not planning to buy for another 6-8 months. Should I join now?

Possibly, but in our experience more yes than no.

Knowing what your options are, what strategy you should follow, what other people are doing and generally spending longer understanding your own needs and the market will produce better results.

Interest rates are going up. It's a seller's market. I hear there's about to be a property downturn. The timing is all wrong. Should I wait before investing?

These are all questions about timing the market, and in brief, no one can ever or has ever produced a 100% (or even 60%) consistent success rate in guessing market movements – in any industry.


What we can say is:


  1. No one can be 100% sure what the market will do.
  2. There are always good properties to buy – in any market. 
  3. Market-timing risk can be reduced by buying properties in suburbs that buck the trend, AND properties that you can manufacture equity from.
  4. Market timing matters less the longer you’re in the market.
  5. Financial stress-testing to account for interest rates, vacancies and life events is something you should conduct on every property you buy (we do this in the program).
  6. For some people, the timing will be wrong, and for others the timing will be right. Personal factors should have significantly more weighting than guesses about general market movements.
I've already got a portfolio and am not sure what do to with it. Can you help?

Yes we can!


Deciding whether to buy, hold or sell any investment property is a big decision.

We can provide you some tools and guidance to help your decision making. 


If you want proper financial advice, we can offer that too through our licensed financial planning partners.

What property strategy do you recommend?

Great question, and it really depends on your investment experience, your current portfolio, your time horizon,  capital, willingness to learn, borrowing capacity and more.


For beginner investors, we’ll typically recommend a buy, improve and hold strategy (see this page for a video on this), however what we recommend is what’s best for your situation and desired outcomes.

How do I know if the program is right for me?

As part of your enquiry to us, we’ll ask you some questions about your current financial situation.


We’ll then discuss that and your desired outcomes on our phone call.


You’ll know by the end if it’s right for you.


We don’t accept applicants if we don’t feel that they’re right for the program.

How much does the program cost?

Our aim with the program is to deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars in wealth to you over the long term.


As we refine our program and deliver more success and results for our clients, we are continually increasing the cost.

Can you help me find a property to live in?



The process for purchasing a home to live in is similar to an investment purchase in some ways, but is far less “by the numbers.” 


The fundamentals of this program will teach you to appraise ANY property, but if you’d like help finding a special property for you and your family we can do this.


Our fee becomes cost effective at purchase values above $1m.

I've never purchased any property ever. I can ask stupid questions?

Our program is built for beginners and experienced investors. 


Everyone has to learn a new skill at some point, so asking questions (no matter how basic) is welcomed.

What should I expect if I sign up?

Complete honesty


This starts from our first phone call. If we think you are not in the right position to join the program, we will let you know. 

When working with us, we will tell you if we feel a property is not right for you and be upfront with our assessments, opinions and comments. 


Laid-back professionalism


Our teams (in property, finance and planning) are all seasoned, experienced professionals.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t jump on a Zoom meeting from a cafe, or a call while walking the dog.

This website looks pretty formal, but we don’t sit around an office in suits and ties!


Outcomes based on your best interests


We are solely focused on getting the results that are best for you. Anything less than that is doing both you AND us a disservice.