Searching for property but feeling like you don't have enough time or need more support?

We'll help you find, Attend, appraise & negotiate your dream home or investment

Saving time, getting a better price & eliminating negotiation anxiety.

If you’re like many people, you’d rather chew your own arm off than talk to and negotiate a property with a real estate agent.

Exclusive and free to Voyage Financial clients, PropertyAssist helps those who perhaps have never entered real estate negotiations before, or who’d like some extra help and support finding, appraising and negotiating on their next home or investment.

To start, just hit the “Work With Us” button and make an enquiry.


1. Find

See properties from every portal

There are over 15 property sales portals in Australia, and while realestate.com.au is the biggest, it’s not all there is. 

Make sure you don’t miss out on the property of our dreams.

Find unlisted property

Around 1 in 10 properties are sold without ever even reaching the online marketplace. Tell us what you want and where, and we’ll email local agents directly to uncover gems before the market finds out.

Analyse suburbs

Looking for the next suburb about to boom?

Take advantage of our professional, paid for subscriptions (including the industry secret that has a 70%+ prediction success rate) to narrow your search.

2. Attend

We get it. You’re busy. And sometimes home opens are NOT conveniently timed, or in a suburb too far away. 

If you see a property you’d love to view, but can’t get to, we’ll attend it for you, complete a checklist & shoot a comprehensive video for you to view (or take you through via video call).

3. Appraise

Get Property Reports

We utilise many professional tools from CoreLogic, SQM & more to get you the data you need to make accurate purchasing decisions.

Property & Suburb Reports help determine purchase price, days on market & more.

Learn how to value

We’ve partnered up with a professional property investment advisor to offer you a 90 minute crash course on how to value property AND the red flags to look for you so you don’t buy a dud.

Get a professional opinion

Still want advice on a property or particular strategy?

Jump on a call with our property advisor to get a professional opinion on a property you’ve found.

4. Negotiate

Learn the basics of negotiation

There are some things you just NEVER say to an agent. Do you know what they are?


Live time access to our negotiation expertise

Agents sell property every day. You may only buy property 2 or 3 times in your life.

We’re on hand to decipher, advise and ensure you don’t get taken advantage of.

We'll take the process over

Not wanting to negotiate at all? Let us know. We’ll take the negotiations over and use our expertise & experience to secure you the best price.

Additional costs apply.