Starting your property Journey as an RMO in WA

How to maximise medical-lending policies, government grants and tax rules to accelerate your property returns.

From Alex Brownbill - Director at AMF

Hi - I'm Alex.

I've been helping young doctors from all over Australia start their property journeys for over 10 years, under the Voyage Financial and Voyage Financial brands.

In that time, I've found there's some doctors that have accelerated their financial journey faster than others.

Those doctors have managed to accumulate more equity faster, buy their dream properties sooner and put themselves ahead of their peers.

What makes the difference?

It's those that know how to take advantage of their incomes, medical-only bank policies, tax rules and government grants in the early, typically more flexible years of their medical careers.

If I were an RMO in WA, the following video explains what I would do.

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Best wishes,

Alex Brownbill

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