Buying commercial or fitting out your practice or clinic

Opening a clinic or starting a business is hard. Let us help you find the right banking partner that will understand what you want.

Commercial, fit out and equipment lending is a world away from regular, residential lending. Normal rules don’t apply!

Depending on you who talk to, you could be told you can’t borrow at all, or face high fees and interest rates. 

We’ve established close relationships with many healthcare focused commercial banks and bankers, each with different policies, opportunities and traps.

How we can help you finance a commercial property, fit out or equipment

We can access 100% LVR for doctors
Unheard of outside the commercial medical lending space (and almost unheard of inside it too!), we can access 100% LVR commercial medical purchases for specific professionals (subject to lending conditions and criteria).
Utilise our knowledge and relationships
In talking to us, you're talking to a wide range of commercial medical options. We can guide you based on your specific circumstances to the lender that will offer the best outcome for you.
We can place you with Private Banking
Commercial health bankers value long term, 'whole of wallet' relationships. if you're looking for a banking partner you can rely on, we can introduce you to a bank where 24/7 support for all your business and banking needs is standard (subject to lending terms and criteria)
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