Dentists earn high salaries early in their careers. You can use that to grow your wealth.

Dentists face an unusual employment situation. Typically ‘self-employed’ from the start of your career, you may not have the requirements that satisfy a typical ‘traditional’ lender. 

We understand billings and the way that dental clinics are owned and operated. We can help find the finance you need even if you’ve struggled elsewhere.

Our Finance Offer to Dentists

Access to specialist dental lenders
As brokers, we are accredited to write loans with BoQS, ANZ Health, Bankwest Private and all other lenders offering 95% and even 100% no LMI loans.
Ability to place unusual income
Working with our banking partners, we are able to quickly understand and place any unusual income that may have been declined by other 'general' lenders or brokers.
Purely online lending options
We don't only place business with medical speciality lenders.

If you have a deal that fits with rapid turn-around 'online' lenders with class beating rates, we can place you there too.
A dedicated personal lending partner
We've built our business on creating long term relationships.

Your lending partner will become your go to for advice - for years into the future.
Private Banking partnerships
Want to skip the 'on hold' music and clueless customer line staff? We can establish your banking within the private banking arms of the major lenders, giving you access to a dedicated banker to assist with your enquiries (subject to lender discretion and eligibility).
Lending for dental professionals
First homes, luxury homes, investment properties, finance, cars, fit-out or clinics. We can find competitive rates and products for many requirements.
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Financial advice for dental professionals is critically important. Dentists often receive little training or support in the way of managing financial affairs, leading to costly mistakes.

Dentist-specific Income Protection & Insurances
A dentist losing their ability to diagnose or operate loses a lifetime of dedicated study and practice. Yet many dentists have inadequate protection against injury or illness. If you're practising - no matter how many years, having this part of your overall wealth strategy is critical.
Superannuation optimization
Optimising superannuation is easy, but many dentists make the mistake of putting this towards the bottom of their 'to-do' list. Leaving it there will cost you potentially hundreds of thousands in lost returns.
Lawsuit protected investments
It's rare, but it happens. Dentists can be sued for malpractice, and when that happens, assets can be frozen as a result. Having a safe haven for wealth that can potentially supplant or support income during this stressful time is an important pillar of your wealth strategy.
Retirement Planning Strategies
After a lifetime of service and wealth generation, figuring out how to unwind, transfer or transition can be difficult. We can help untangle and clarify your goals when it comes to retirement and put in place an effective retirement and wealth transfer strategy.
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