Upgrading or buying your luxury property

We can assist with buying then selling, bridging finance, luxury property LVR restrictions and more.

As you progress and start to reach the heights of your career, your family, tastes and income expand. However, your existing lender or broker may not be able to secure the finance necessary for you to take the next step.

Given our position in the lending industry, we can help you access more specialised purchases.

How we help upgrading or luxury property buying professionals

We can access to low deposit loans
As brokers, we are accredited to write loans with BoQS, ANZ Health, Bankwest Private and other lenders offering 95% and even 100% no LMI loans. We can access these subject to your eligibility.
We understand luxury properties
The more you spend on a property, the more restrictive lenders become. We can tell you straight away who will consider your proposed luxury property purchase and where we recommend submitting an application.
We can place you with Private Banking
Want to skip the 'on hold' music and clueless customer line staff? We can establish your banking within the private banking arms of the major lenders, giving you access to a dedicated banker to assist with your enquiries (subject to eligibility).
We work with difficult income
An advanced career often means varied income sources. We can assist with de-mystifying public and private income, PMAs and even (where appropriate) income forecasting to secure your approval (subject to eligibility).
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