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Your Finance Advisor Matters

Who should you choose to help facilitate some of the most important decisions of your life? Here’s what we think.

1. Choose for the long term

Finance is not set and forget. Good brokers and planners develop deep and meaningful relationships with their clients over many, many years.

2. Choose an integrated advisory firm

Lending and financial planning are closely tied together. What affects one often affects the other, and having advisors working together may help.

3. Choose a relationship

Financial outcomes may improve when you develop a relationship with an advisor you trust.

How We Can Help You

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Who do we help?

We help professionals - especially those in the medical space. If you're a medical doctor, dentist, nurse or allied health professional, our team has years of healthcare specific lending experience.

It's ok if your partner is not in healthcare

We stick to healthcare because we can provide a better service that way, but we can still help you if your partner works in a different industry.

We're brokers

Connect with multiple lenders through us (including options you can't access through a bank directly).

We're planners

For many clients, a finance event is a trigger to review other financial areas (but if you're wanting to review your insurance, super or investments without broking, we can do that too).

We're around for the long term

Good brokers are financial partners for life. We've been helping some of our consultants since their medical internship!

We're fully accredited

We are members of Australia's peak mortgage broking association, credit representatives and hold accreditations with a wide panel of lenders.

We're bound by law

Being a mortgage broker means we're bound by legislation to put your interests first, or risk losing our accreditation.

Our broking services come at no cost

Like most brokers, our services are remunerated for by the lender we settle with. This doesn't affect our recommendations though!