Property Investing

Hey! Alex here.

After what feels like a LONGGG search (basically years!) we’ve finally found a property advisory firm with the runs on the board and the long term strategic mindset that we’re happy to partner with.

We’ve partnered with Jason Foote and his team at https://propertyinvestors.com.au, and we’re going to be recommending many of clients set up a chat with him and his team.

I interviewed him today and this is a MUST watch for everyone – especially those in the medical field.

1. Alex’s introduction.
2. Jason and his story.
3. How a 36 year old bought 36 properties.
4. Why a strategy is so important (everyone thinks they’re an astute investor, but most are just opportunistic!).
5. Why approaching property investing with a financial planning mindset works better.
6. The CRITICAL difference between return on asset vs return on capital. Here’s the video referenced: https://wealthfordoctors.com.au/doctors-guide-to-property-investment/
7. The 3 pillars of property investment success.
8. How to decrease risk in property whilst maximising returns.